Plants & Project – Sprouting Morning Glories

blog ladybug and spray roses 008

I was in a local dollar store this week, and noticed a rack of seed packets. The azure blue illustration of morning glories drew my eye. Hungry for blue sky on a grey and cloudy day, I picked a packet out of the rack and purchased it for under a dollar. I soaked the seeds overnight, and by morning discovered several little white appendages poking out of their black coats. I planted them about 1/4 inch deep in seed starting medium, covered with self-stick plastic wrap and put them near a heating vent. Oh my! They sprouted in under two days.

morning glories and roses 001

Within two more days the sprouts are greening up. I am planning on growing these vines indoors around a window. I hope to have flowers by the end of March. I will not thin them out, but instead leave them crowded, never fertilize them, and let them fight between themselves for nutrients. It will be a true survival of the fittest. It sounds harsh, but actually my lack of tender-loving care should yield me more blooms of blue. Morning Glories do best in poor soil. If I feed them or give them too much room to grow I will have a magnificent vine and a paltry few blossoms. I want blossoms, blossoms, blossoms…all in glorious shades of sky blue. Updates on their progress will be posted soon.

Planting morning glories is an inexpensive and easy project for children.

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