Pots & Pans & Plants – Crockpots and the Joy of an Herb Garden


Over the years I have grown herbs, both culinary and medicinal. I use my fresh herbs constantly. During the last few winters I have been able to purchase organic herb plants in the produce section of my local grocery store. I now use fresh herbs year-round.

In the summer I am often busy and need to make a quick meal that will not heat up the house. To cook a delicious and super-easy dinner, I place four turkey legs and a dozen small red potatoes into my crockpot. I add about a cup of water to these ingredients. As the turkey cooks juices will mix with the water and create a delicious broth for gravy. Salt, pepper, a touch of garlic powder, and some wedges of onion complete the meal. Cook on low for 7-8 hours, or at high for 5-6 hours. The house will smell like Thanksgiving even if it’s summertime. An added bonus for me is heaping the top of my food with freshly-picked herbs. The herbs in this photo are: chervil, oregano and thyme. (Sage & parsley are great additions too.) The smell is intoxicating. Happy Cooking!

⭐ This crockpot meal will feed four adults. It is easily halved for two people. The amount of water added should stay the same.

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11 thoughts on “Pots & Pans & Plants – Crockpots and the Joy of an Herb Garden

  1. Kathy,
    Is a crock pot a good investment ? I see a lot of recipes using crock pots. Do you use an electric one or a gas top one ? If a gas top one, isn’t your gas consumption a lot if you leave it on for 6-8 hours ?

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    1. Susie, most people who have a crockpot love them. Mine is electric. What is so good about them is when you are having a busy day you can put the ingredients in the crockpot early, and they will cook on a low temperature until dinnertime, and oh my, sometimes the food becomes so tender it will fall right off of the bone.

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    2. I will be using mine to make some Thanksgiving turkey gravy in advance on Wednesday. I will place a turkey leg or two in the pot with a lot of water, onions, etc., anything that I want to throw in that might make it savory. I will add a lot of water, place the setting on high and let it cook all day. I place this in the fridge and all the fatty deposits in it rise to the top, and I can scoop them away before I make the gravy on Thanksgiving day. It is healthier when I can prepare it in advance and get rid of that fat.

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    1. Oh…please try the turkey legs this way. They are FABULOUS! I’ve never known anyone to not like them. One caution, they cook so thoroughly the sharp bones easily separate from the main bone. Just something to be aware of…ENJOY! 🙂


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