Plant – Spilanthes


This is an odd and little known herb called Spilanthes, or as it is also known “The Toothache Plant.” If you chew on the buds of spilanthes you will experience an increase in saliva. The chewing will also release substances in the bud that will numb your mouth, hence the nickname of toothache plant.

I have never tried spilanthes as a remedy. I grow it more as an oddity and ornamental in my garden. I planted it once several years ago, and it has reseeded reliably for me every year since. I gave the plant a nickname of my own, “The eyeball plant.” It always seems to look back at me from the lower regions of the garden.

My spilanthes never grow very tall. They do spread a bit, but are never unruly and out of bounds. This is a fun plant to grow in your garden, and if you are experiencing toothache pain, might be the relief you need until you can get to a dentist.

More information about Spilanthes can be found here: Spilanthes – Acmella oleracea

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