Photograph – Puddled Ice: Designs in the Depths

Whether visually or emotionally, this week let’s dig (or dive) deep.

After a N’or Easter blew by us, thankfully depositing minimal snowfall, we were left in a deep freeze. The moisture left behind grasped the ground and everything lying upon it in it’s icy fingers.

Puddled Ice Frozen in Time

The many depths of this frozen art is fascinating. Some of the leaves seem to thrust themselves upward trying to escape the frozen surface.

Puddled ice Frozen Fingers

 Others float gracefully in the mid-levels, the sun illuminating their edges.

Puddled Ice Icy Chains

Others lie deep and silent, dark and already half-consumed by the appetite of a hungry earth.

9 thoughts on “Photograph – Puddled Ice: Designs in the Depths

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