Quote & Perspective – Busy as a Bee


The weather has turned warm in my area of New Jersey…perfect for an early Spring Walk. I took advantage of the warmth and strolled the paths of a local park. I love pussy willows, and as I gazed upward at the fuzzy catkins, awash in pollen, I made my first bumble bee sighting of 2015.


He was “Busy as a Bee,” butting and bumbling amongst the golden strands of pollen. On arriving home I followed his example and busied myself making a list of Springtime garden chores. The list looks daunting, but contrary to other to-do lists, this one fills me with JOY! Sunshine, birdsong and muddy fingers await me when I put this list into practice. Yes, I will be busy as that bumblebee this week.


As I was composing this post my husband walked by the room and said, “There’s an orange sky behind you.”


The sight of the brilliant morning sky reminded me that while I can choose to be as busy as a bee, I also need set aside time to cherish the splendor of the springtime and guard against being so completely immersed in the seasonal tasks that I fail to enjoy the glory surrounding me.


“Ey! Goddes mercy!” sayd our Hoste tho,
Now such a wyf I pray God keep me fro.
Lo, suche sleightes and subtilitees
In wommen be; for ay as busy as bees.”
~ Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, Squire’s Tale

6 thoughts on “Quote & Perspective – Busy as a Bee

  1. such a delightful post and I love love love the ending = with your husband noting the sky and your point about not missing the beauty – and I am going to share that later cos it is so awesome. 🙂 peace

    Liked by 1 person

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