18 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Cicada

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    1. They are very large. If you startle one in a bush and it takes off in flight, it ends up startling you too! Their wings are very loud, and their thrumming also. The 17 year cicadas seemed to have a higher pitched sound. The ordinary ones aren’t bad at all and are definitely a sound of our summers in NJ.


      1. I saw the post – the colors were great on those, weren’t they? They are fascinating. The one in my shots had been less than a couple of hours out of the shell. He sat around for another four hours before getting mobile enough to fly off!

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        1. I have loved ‘buggy’ things since I was a child. We also have a gigantic wasp, about two inches in length that preys on cicadas. I think the blue jays are also making some meals of them this year.


          1. I had read about the wasps that use the cicadas for their egg sacs. I think Blue Jays would probably eat just about anything just to be annoying. Many Asians also make meals out of cicadas – they say the females are meatier. I will not challenge that assertion in any way!

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            1. Hello…finally got around to posting the cicada wasp…once again fascinated by the appearance of these huge insects. While composing the post found a good articles that states they really aren’t a threat to people at all…that’s good to know. 🙂

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