Plant – Croton


Crotons are a perfect Autumn houseplant. I purchased mine a few years ago at the local grocer. The croton has grown steadily, and after spending summers outdoors in bright sunshine, is near twenty-four inches tall, eighteen inches in diameter. The leaves of the croton are definitely the star of the show. The brighter the light, the more variegation they exhibit. Giving a croton a vacation in summer sunshine will bring out gorgeous colors in the leaves.


This week, due to a forecasted heavy frost,  I brought my croton indoors. I will have to check the plant diligently over the next few weeks to make sure it does not develop spider mites. I do this by spraying a light mist of water around the new growth near the top. If the plant has a mite problem the webs will catch the water droplets. I can eradicate a light infestation of mites with a daily dose of heavy water spray. If the infestation involves the entire plant I will need a systemic insecticide to battle the problem.

Light: Strongest Sunlight Possible
Temperature: Day – 70 degrees (minimum)
Night – 60 degrees (minimum)
Moisture: Evenly Moist – Do not overwater or allow to become too dry.
Common Pests: Spider Mites

6 thoughts on “Plant – Croton

  1. I used to have one of those many years ago, when we first bought our house, but I’m afraid it died during one of our summer holidays and I haven’t bothered to replace it as we travel for long periods of time now. They are really beautiful though.

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  2. susieshy45

    To be honest Kathy, I have never liked this plant probably because it is so easy to grow and is seen in every house in the tropics- see, familiarity breeds contempt- I never thought of it as a precious plant at all- thank you for making me appreciate my blessings and not to take things for granted. Have a blessed day.

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  3. We grow this so easily with a stem cutting and you are right, this plant thrives on sunshine. It is a very easy plant to grow-never had problems with mites or required insecticides either – perhaps sunshine acted as a deterrent.

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