Quick Tip – Houseplant Grooming

The low humidity in heated homes causes curling edges and browning of houseplant leaves. A trim with a pair of scissors is a quick fix. This is temporary, as the edge will continue to brown, but the plant looks better in the meantime.

anthirrium 3

Placing a pan of water near a heating vent can easily add humidity to a room.

4 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Houseplant Grooming

  1. I have one plant that just continues to turn brown and I don’t think it’s humidity. Our humidity is quite high usually over 50% in the house but perhaps the plant is just used to the 80% humidity it had when outdoors. I really don’t want to raise my humidity any more than it already is πŸ™‚ I guess I will just have to wait until late March when I can kick the plant back out on the porch.

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