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Sweet Shop

Today we drove to Haddonfield, New Jersey and strolled around town doing a bit of window-shopping. We stopped in the Posh Pop Bakeshop and tried their coffee and rose macaroons. Delicious! Fuchsia letters labeled each jar: Tiffany, Vanilla, Rose, Neapolitan, Chocolate and Nutella. I sampled the rose and it was fabulous! One day I would love to make macaroons.

10 thoughts on “Place – Sweet Shop

    1. I did find one online through a comment on this post. They look difficult, but perhaps I can give them a try. The one things that will hold me back is I have a grandson with a tree nut allergy. (I didn’t know macaroons are made with ground almonds until I looked at the recipe) I still have nuts in the house, but I am very careful to not have sweets or treats around when he is here that contain nuts…just in case he would accidentally eat one.

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      1. I did not realise they had almonds either. I thought the meringue could be done without it. Perhaps you can adapt the recipe to suit your needs and taste. That’s what I do all the time. Let me know how you get on, please.

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      1. I finally reconfigured my wordpress account so NOW, I can “Like” comments. 🙂 Hope that site works for you. Seemed to have a lot of handy tips which is why I posted it to you. Should you decide to make them… post a pic. Would love to see your creation(s).

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