14 thoughts on “Quote – The Crocodile?

  1. Kathy, I didn’t understand the quote or the context – if you could, would you explain please what this means ? Is it that Medicare was better than ObamaCare or that governments should subsidise health care or that we should be wary of Robin Hood governments that take money from those who are not sick to fund those who are unwell ?

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    1. I think as a whole, Ronald Reagan was advising people to not let government into too many aspects of our private lives. Unfortunately, year after year, government seems to become more entrenched in how we must live. Medical coverage is just one example, At one point in my adult life healthcare costs were reasonable, now, the amount we have to pay is horrific, and the coverage is minimal.

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    1. Sounds great…since we aren’t there yet…it all seems like another trap to most of us in the U.S. Since Obamacare went into practice, we now have horrible healthcare insurance which costs an astronomical amount each month, and we have thousands of dollars in deductible payment if we do get sick. It’s a good reason to stay healthy.

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