Phun – Paper Airplanes

Instead of coming back with what sounds like profound wisdom after my recent hiatus, I’m sharing a way to enchant children, and even a few adults.

Nothing can alleviate a child’s boredom quicker than a terrific paper airplane. When my youngest grandson asked for an airplane, Daddy and Papa were both busy doing other things; the task was up to me. I tried to fold a rendition of what I thought a paper airplane should be…it looked good…but flew like a piece of lead. Hmmm…what to do? Search Youtube of course!

I found this sensational five-minute video, followed along, pausing when I was behind, and OH MY, created a paper airplane that really FLEW and SOARED. I impressed everyone, including myself, with this small paper aircraft. We tried it in various weights of paper, all did well. Give it a try! I guarantee not only will children be impressed, but so will adults. Happy Flying!

6 thoughts on “Phun – Paper Airplanes

    1. I am the same Susie, the one I made without the directions looked okay and was miserably unable to soar. No…didn’t do much cleaning in the blog or the house. :/ Oh well…I really must though or I will run out of room for photo storage and I really don’t want to put money into the WordPress coffers…I already have to pay to keep ads off the site. So good to hear from you…thanks Susie!

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  1. Good for you! I am a big fan of paper airplanes and as children we often had races to see whose would fly the furthest.
    As a learning support teacher, I am shocked to find that children nowadays don’t seem to have a clue as how to make them and I use Origami as a means to pratice fine motor skills with them. The boys love making them and having a race against the teacher afterwards!
    I bet you all had a great time! 👍

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