Photograph – Small Business Saturday – Shop Windows

Shop Windows in Pitman, New Jersey

Windows – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Small Business Saturday is a great idea that should practiced more than just once a year. We strolled the sidewalks of Pitman, New Jersey today, and found a few unique Christmas decorations to purchase from small businesses.

7 thoughts on “Photograph – Small Business Saturday – Shop Windows

  1. Lovely photographs, Kathy- are the decorations costlier than the ones at say a department store ? Surely they must be better if they are hand crafted. Kudos to you on encouraging small businesses.
    I need a favor from you Kathy. There is a lady on wordpress called Anne Mehrling and she blogs at Mehrling Muse. In one post she writes about some unidentified seeds which a stranger gave her, while she was out walking. Would you be able to identify the seeds for her ? I know of noone else with so much knowledge on seeds and plants as you.
    The link to her post is
    I am curious too( this post was written more than a year back but it looks like no one has identified them so far.
    How did your Thanksgiving holiday go ?

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    1. Hi Susie, The handcrafted and small shop ornaments might be a bit more expensive, but yesterday I found one that was well below what I think other stores would have charged. I had a very nice Thanksgiving. We enjoyed seeing family and sharing a meal with them. We played Dominoes one night and that is always a lot of fun. I will go to her link now and see if I can recognize them. Thanks for stopping by today Susie. A blessed Sunday to you. Kathy

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