Photograph – Screamin’ Green Smiley Face

I love a challenge, and today I am taking part in four challenges with this post. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge asks for ‘Things That Look Like Faces.’


Can you see the smiley face on the ‘Screamin’ Green’ moss? Screamin’ Green is today’s Color Your World – 120 Days of Crayola Challenge.

When I began this post I had no idea what expectations to have. Expectation is one of the challenge words for this week’s WordPress Daily Post.

The shadows in the rock help create the face. Shadow was this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. I wonder what challenges I will face in the week to come. Have a lovely weekend my blogging friends!

21 thoughts on “Photograph – Screamin’ Green Smiley Face

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    1. Thanks Susie. I find faces in rocks all the time, but this was one of the best ever. It is an old photograph, and was first posted on the blog in it’s natural setting of beach sand, but I have been having fun playing with Photoshop and I moved it to a exuberant green for the challenge. Kathy

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