4 thoughts on “Proverbs – Generosity

  1. Kathy,
    I read somewhere that a study shows that millennials have grown to be more secular in their outlook so many of them cease to believe in God and seek to believe in themselves or their friends or money.
    What will we do if the world becomes so worldly that there will be only Gods of our things worshipped and not the one real God ?

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    1. Susie, I think that day might be fast approaching. So much is in place for utter godlessness. It is disheartening until I remind myself that God can reach anyone and is greater than the sins of anyone. We have to hope…

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  2. Kathy,
    In our church yesterday, the vicar preached from the Acts about how the early churches sold all they had and gave things to a common fund. He said we needed to show ourselves as Christians and think about what our role in the world as Christians was.
    This proverb seems so related.


    1. Susie, I am reading in Acts in my morning devotions right now. I’ve never been so enlivened by THE ACTS of the APOSTLES in the past. This time reading through has really brought the spreading of the GOOD NEWS alive to me. It’s so special that you mentioned it here today. Thanks, Kathy

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