Pheathers – Cornell Lab of Ornithology/Robin’s Nest

Oh the joy of it! In the past few days I’ve stumbled upon two unexpected surprises. The first surprise was finding out that YouTube will stream on my television through my Amazon Firestick. I enjoy YouTube. It has so many good ideas, much like blogging, shared by people from all over the world. I often watch tutorials for crafts or gardening, even cooking, on YouTube. My viewing area on the television is nearly six times larger than my small computer screen. Hooray! Do you think the larger size will make me a better painter, cook and gardener? I wish, but probably not. When nothing good is on the hundreds of cable channels (And how this happens I know not, when I was young I was very content watching six channels!) I can watch some watercolor or cooking tutorials instead. This past weekend on a dreary Sunday evening, we binge-watched weather forecast bloopers and other funny outtakes. It certainly did raise our mood a notch.

The second surprise was seeing a YouTube recommendation for the Cornell Lab Cams. I am so glad I did. I hadn’t checked out the cams in the past week or so and was delighted to see a Robin-nest cam was up and filming. I’ve checked in three times already today, and after I publish this post will surely check back many times more. I love robins and enjoy watching this pair take care of their small babies and eggs. Take a look, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the live streaming.

6 thoughts on “Pheathers – Cornell Lab of Ornithology/Robin’s Nest

    1. In the past I was able to connect my computer directly to the television. This worked for YouTube, but moving the television, inserting the wires, etc., kept me from using it often. We have an Amazon Firestick and I had no idea it would connect me to YouTube. I’m thrilled to discover it. It was so much fun to see the images on a bigger screen without having to connect and disconnect.

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  1. I’m on the Cornell email list, and I saw the robin cam a day or so ago. What fun! We have robins here, of course, but I rarely saw them up close. Several times a robin has come to my birdbath and thrashed about with great joy. That is the only bird that has actually jumped into the middle of the water. Lots of others drink from it, though.

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    1. I have been watching on and off for a good part of the day. To see it large on my television is a thrill. I took a cute pic for tomorrow…a kind of continuation of the cam theme. I’ll have to put myself on the email list. I didn’t know there was one. Thanks. Kathy


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