Perspective – Gone Fishing

Dear Blogging Friends,

After a lot of thought I have decided that this is my final post for Minding My P’s with Q. I have blogged since 2011 and feel it is time to let this blog stand as-is. I thank you all for reading my writings. I thank you all for the many blog posts you have written that have touched my heart and opened up new avenues for me. There is no sadness or misfortune prompting this decision, on the contrary my life is very full and will continue to be filled with family, friends and many activities. Most of all I will continue to love and serve God all the days of my life and hope that this will be your goal too. God bless you all. Kathy

28 thoughts on “Perspective – Gone Fishing

  1. Kathy
    i am back after my trip. Just checking on you to see you are ok and that your dreams and aspirations are bearing fruition.
    I hope you are happy and always remain happy.
    God bless you, Kathy.

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    1. I’m doing great Susie…a little tired…gardening…a big family picnic here…it takes me about a week to prepare and then about a week to recover when I have that many for a gathering…over 30 people.

      I am thinking of what to do next…I am seriously considering just creating a type of wallpaper blog with photographs and verses/quotes. I think that would be fulfilling and help me feel I have not left WordPress altogether. I’ll stop by your blog soon. As always, just ran in for a moment or two to check email and must run right out again…grandchildren and son coming for dinner tonight and I just put brownies in the oven…better check them…they burn quickly. Kathy

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  2. Oh, I am so sorry to read this post, Kathy. I have come to love your posts, especially the scriptures and the quotes from famous people illustrating the bible quotations. I must admit occasionally I use some of your quotes in my church newsletter (my responsibility as the chairperson of the publicity committee of the Presby church I attend, with credits of course.) I find them so inspiring and your posts of your lovely plants.

    I will miss you but of course you must do what is right for you. God bless you so much Kathy. and Stay safe. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Celeste, I have thought of starting a new blog with just verses, quotes and photos, without any of my own words in the post. Perhaps I will soon. Since my life is a series of revolving around the same areas and activities I felt I was running out of unique things to write about. God’s word is FULL of amazing verses, and the world has had some wise people who have left us good quotes. Perhaps when I get my bearings over it all, and God leads me, I can begin a photo/quote/verse blog. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Kathy

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      1. When you do, will you let us know please ?
        I am visiting to find our if you are ok and that you are getting rested and are happy with your own work .
        I am sure you are safe in God’s hands but this is just a check in.

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  3. Sincerely appreciate our ability to communicate over the time we’ve been acquainted, and thank you for sharing your unique perspective on a wide variety of subjects. Will surely miss hearing your voice, but wholeheartedly respect and honor your decision to provide an environment for yourself where life might become “a little quieter and easier”. God is joining you in your journey, and my sincere hope is that this change might further enrich your life. In every way.

    Thanks always, and best wishes. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Janie, and you have forever expanded my life with your direction toward the Cornell Lab Cams. What an enjoyment they have been, and will be to me. One of my joys is watching the birds in my backyard. God Bless You. Kathy


  4. How I wish I had seen you to follow you when I first began! I’ve enjoyed your posts very much and will miss you. This has made me stop to think, also. Every once in a while I feel so overloaded with reading every blog I follow while trying to live a normal life. I MUST remember your example and take a breather if I have to. I’m glad you aren’t quitting entirely. I’ll be praying for you, because I know you’ve made the right decision to “be still and know that I am God”, I pray your spirit will soar and your soul will be refreshed with living water. God bless you, dear friend.

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  5. i2zhorn

    Love reading your blog and stories Kathy. This is a side that I’ve never knew about you. It’s awesome. Hope you re-up it at another time it’s nice to see your work. I understand too that it’s ok to stand down for a bit too. Enjoy your respite hope to see you again on here and hope to see you soon outside 😉

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    1. Thanks Anita. Sometimes I really do need to just stop everything and walk on the beach or in the woods, fishing, picking up oyster shells…just being…instead of doing, doing, doing. I think you probably understand this too. I really need life to be easy for awhile. Kathy

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  6. Bye, Kathy but why ?
    I will miss you.
    Hope to catch up with you when I come to the US for my studies. I think I might be able to find you in Glassboro.:)
    Loved all the chats we had since 2014- thank you for all the support and just for being there.

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    1. I will still visit blogs Susie, there are several blogs and bloggers I think of as good friends. (You are in that number of course) It was just time to stop. I find myself writing about the same things over and over again now. I’ll check into my comment section now and then too. I’m not going to delete the blog, just let it rest in peace I guess. After I wrote my last post I looked over some sites I visit and I found this amazing article that felt like God was telling me I made the right decision. Everything it says doesn’t relate to me necessarily, but there were enough points that matched to make me say, “Thank you God.” I have done the right thing to stop and just be still and know that he is God. Time to get off the performance based living hamster wheel.
      Performance Based Living
      I won’t disappear Susie, I promise. Kathy

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      1. I read it too. Feel I have been and am like that. I seem to have wanted my father’s approval for things from childhood and it continues even now. In fact my trying to get into an MPH program in the US and get back into public health medicine, seems to be an unconscious desire to please my father as I feel I have not performed as well as I might have.
        Given me food for thought.
        See you around, Kathy my good friend. I will miss you.

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        1. I will be visiting your blog Susie. I think it is a constant struggle for almost everyone to not jump on that hamster wheel of performance in this day and age. I keep thinking about where God first put mankind, and how he walked and talked with them. That is what I need for a bit…forever really…more God talk in my life. More walking and talking with God. I don’t need to prove anything to him. He loves me as I am. What a good thought to hold onto.

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