Welcome to “Minding My P’s With Q,” filled with many P’s and a touch of Quirkiness thrown in for fun. Sharing what I know, and what I do is what this blog is about. If I crash and burn in the middle of a project I’ll tell you why. If I discover a new painting technique or improve on an old one, it becomes even better if I can share what I’ve learned.

In my heart the faeries of the world will always be alive. Dolls will scamper about when children leave the room or fall asleep. Insects will play amazing symphonies to the Man in the Moon. Every night, whether cloudy or clear, the evening star will rise to be wished upon. My hands are always busy, my mind full of new ideas, things old, things new, will be reworked into one-of-a-kind creations. Please check back from time to time…what lurks on these pages just might surprise you.

Thanks and please visit often…

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65 thoughts on “Hello

    1. Hi Shanieka, the best I can do for you is to contact the Royal Decameron Hotel in Jamaica. If you search the internet you might be able to find a photograph of this boat. I think the number of Captain Poly was on the side.


  1. Mary Bigger

    I have inherited a “Christmas cactus” type plant that looks very much like the hanging basket plant you said you were looking for. Is there some way I can send you a picture? If this is the same plant with the rose hued growth, the plant I was given has substantial growth and a couple of cuttings would be easy to send if you would like to try them. My master gardener friend would make sure I gave it the best possible packing.

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    1. There are quite a few vegetables that will regenerate new growth. I think celery is another stalk that sends up new shoots. I also have regrown green onions (scallions) by rerooting the bottoms. It’s great when you need just a few green tips for a recipe.

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  2. Thanks so much for your interest. I like what I see here in your posts.

    I just got a notice that you’re following my blog, One Rich Life. I need to tell you that I’m no longer using that sight and should you still like to follow me, go to http://joanzrough.com to find my websight and attached blog.

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  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by at my blog, and thank you for the follow, although I don’t think I can come up with anything remotely close to what your imagination can! I recognize you from some of your comments on Minuscule Moments. I read a couple posts on your blog, and I now understand why Kath is a fan of yours πŸ™‚ I’ll be looking forward to reading more from you

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  4. Hello P’s and Q’s—this is Julie over on cookiecrumbstoliveby, I wanted to first of all thank you for stopping by but more importantly for wanting to follow along on my life’s journey.
    I am excited to further peruse your postings as well—again thank you—Blessings and Grace—Julie


  5. About a month ago, I fell coming off the local transit bus, not their fault, I tripped on something on the walk way…
    anywho, the result of my fall was a broken knee cap(broke in 2 places) & a few other relatively minor injuries…Wife wanted me to go to the hospital…I refused at first, but went later….2, maybe 3 days later, I passed out on the floor of the apt. with 10,000 gallons of blood coming from my mouth…turns out, my feeding tube had worn an ulcer in my stomach wall & it was bleeding profusely(tho I did not realize it until it filled my stomach, hence why I passed out/lack of blood in my system).
    so back to the hospital I went for another week….keep in mind, I had JUST got home from the hospital because of my knee AND because of Pneumonia 2 -3 days prior to me going in because of the ulcer….God I hate hospitals!

    So I am home finally, but things with me have changed a wee bit…I have Oxygen tanks for when I need them & also a machine( I forget what it’s called) that produces Oxygen on a regular basis. again, this is for when I need it, & I DO need it on a daily basis.


    I have always believed in GOD, but never was one to sit for hours & “bury myself” in his word….
    I have always professed that Jesus is the King of Kings & NOBODY, but nobody has a prayer of getting into Heaven EXCEPT through Christ Jesus.

    We must all come to him, and him alone, with an honest heart if we wish to one day enter Heaven, for it is written, “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter Heaven.”

    These are but a few of the changes in my life….
    GOD has put a desire in my heart for his word that is akin to the wildfire of california…
    I do not understand it, so I refuse to drive myself nuttier than I am already trying to figure it out. LOL
    I have just accepted it & do my best to talk to him on a daily basis….usually more than 1 time a day, I find myself having a chat with the Lord, which is something I never used to do…go figure.

    If I sound “preachy”, please forgive me, for I am not the preaching type…I am more laid back, “you-ask-I explain” type.there is still a lot of the “old me” inside but, I often find myself fetching the proverbial shovel & begin cleaning out the stalls of my life(house cleaning).

    For me, it seems.feels strange that I have this desire, this drive, this yearning(not sure if that’s the correct word) to be closer to GOD & to be more like Jesus…

    In the last 6 or 8 YEARS combined, I have read maybe 2 or 3 books/letters/etc from my bible….
    Lately, in the last 3 – 4 WEEKS, I have read 5 maybe 6 books from the new testament, and maybe 6 or more from the old…in the last 3 – 4 WEEKS.

    Even as an unsaved sinner, I would not read 1/4 of that in 10 years let alone read what I have in such a short time frame now…
    As I said, to me it feels strange, but I want, what every true Christian wants….I want to be as close to GOD as I can get…physically, emotionally, spiritually….
    I do not understand it, but I accept it with open arms.

    Forgive me for writing a book, but you asked how I was, so I tell you what I can…

    Things with me & Debbie are changing too…for the better….more love expressed, more conversations(just sitting & chit chat),much more positive….GOD I love that Lady!!

    OK, I’ll close for now, & try NOT to write any more books. LOL
    TY for inquiring about me….it feels good knowing that I have real friends & not plastic ones.

    GOD Bless you & yours always.
    Your friend & brother in Christ Jesus.

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    1. James, I am so glad to hear from you. I am so sorry for the medical disasters that have beset you, but it is good to hear that you seem to be on the upswing now. Your injuries and illnesses were SO very much to deal with on both a physical and spiritual level. I thank you so much for updating me.

      I love the way you describe your desire to find the Lord…akin to a wildfire. You will definitely find what you seek when you have that amazing attitude and drive, for God promises this blessing in his word. I think today my verse of the day for the blog must be the one about seeking and finding the Lord. (Matthew 7:7-8) We all need to remember that if we seek we will find. Your words have been inspiring to me.

      You never sound preachy…you sound uplifting to me. πŸ™‚

      Debbie sounds very lovely…God bless you both in all you do. And by the way, you can write me all the books you would like!!!! Your friend, Kathy

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  6. Greetings my dear friend!! πŸ™‚

    do you ever do crafts/decorating/??? with them?
    I have a small amount(about 3 – 4 pounds) of them & have no use for them….
    Instead of tossing them, I thought I’d ask you first…

    If you want them, they’re all yours….otherwise, I’ll toss them….


    1. timelesslady

      Hi Mary, I love WETCANVAS. I try to leave a link for it in my posts every now and then…I’m sorry it took so long to reply…we’ve been away for a week, and I am just now catching up a bit. Have the happiest of days and I hope you’ll come back to my blog again…what forums do you hang around on WetCanvas. I like the watercolor and botanicals and florals.


      1. Hi, nice to hear from you – I’m a guide on the Oil Pastel Forum for wetcanvas. I used to go on Marine and Landscape sections but haven’t had time. I also love WC, it’s a great community for artists.


  7. I have a Q about plants/seedlings/growing mediums.
    on a whim, I bought some of these flat, peat based seed starters….
    Do you know if these really work for giving seeds a better start? or did I just waste $5?

    I do not expect you to know everything, but from what I’ve read on this website, you have more knowledge of these things than I do…


    1. timelesslady

      No, I don’t think you wasted your money. I have used those and they will work for you. The one problem they have is the peat will dry out super fast. You literally have to check it every day, maybe more than once. They are good in the fact that you plant them directly into the ground and will not shock the roots by sliding the plant out of a pot. If the pellets did not come with a greenhouse type flat, use anything plastic to contain them as a homemade mini-greenhouse. I keep the plastic container lettuce is sold in, rotisserie chickens, etc. You want to keep the moisture in, especially while the seeds are sprouting. Bottom heat is good too…the top of a fridge or freezer has a bit of warmth that works for me. I also place my mini-greenhouses near heating vents…again though…very easy for them to dry out. Check daily…2x if possible. At the first sign of greening and sprouting, take them off the top of fridge and put somewhere sunny. The seedlings get “leggy” very quickly. Good luck and happy gardening!


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