Minding My P’s With Q

I thank you for visiting Minding My P’s with Q. I like to think of my blog as a quirky take on day by day living. Take a look at a few of the posts. You will find tips, perspectives, challenges of all kinds, tutorials, photographs…in short a little bit of everything.

10 thoughts on “Minding My P’s With Q

    1. I will have to ask my friend the name of the plant she was describing again. For some reason I thought she said Maypop! She said the leaves resembled a schefflera (Umbrella Plant) and the flower bloomed beneath the leaves and was hidden. Have you ever heard of that plant? Now it is a mystery to be solved.


  1. Mary

    I am just writing to say that I, too, accidentally found that rooting plant cuttings in green glass containers works much quicker and much better than in clear glass. I cut 10 may pop vines cuttings and eight of them have roots and it only took about 3 weeks.

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    1. Hi Mary, Funny you should mention May Pop vines, a friend of mine has been on a quest to find some flowering in the wild. I’m not familiar with May Pop vines, but she told me the flower is hidden underneath the leaf. Maybe I will have to go on a quest to find some too. Three weeks for rooting is awesome. Thanks so much for stopping by and the comment.


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